Welcome to the Janie Bolitho Fansite

We wish to welcome all the fans of the author Janie Bolitho. We have created this website in honor of this terrific writer, for her fans and to discuss her books and characters. Most of the postings will be discussions of the various books and characters. Whichever one you like to best either Ian Roper or Rose Trevelyan we hope you will join in. Even though the author has passed away her books and characters live on. The news section or blog area here will be used to inform the subscribers of any new sources of her books as some of them have gone out-of-print and are only available at used bookstores. We have written to her publishers for biographical information and pictures to add to the site and hope they will respond soon.

This is a family website for fans of the author Janie Bolitho and her captivating characters. We encourage everyone to make comments but you must be a subscriber in order to comment on any of the posts or pages to cut down on spammers. All discussions must be on-topic and rated “G”. We do reserve the right to delete any inappropriate comments. We hope to have an informative and active website and hope you will join in.