Quotes From the Books

If you are a fan of Janie Bolitho’s books then we are looking for your favorite quotes from her books. Whether you are a fan of the Ian Roper or the Rose Trevelyan series of both there are probably a lot of sayings from the books that you find memorable. I will be re-reading the series again and marking down some of the memorable quotes from each one. Once we have gotten about 20 or 30 of them together I will be inputting them into a database file and they will begin flashing on the sidebar.

Everyone has a favorite quote and we are hoping that Janie’s fans will contribute their own either through the comments below or go to the Contact Us page. Remember to tell us which book the quote came from and which character said it. The Quote doesn’t have to be from the main character just so long as it is memorable to you. We look forward to hearing from you and KEEP READING!