News From Fellow Fans

We are starting to hear from some of the other fans of Janie Bolitho. We hope to hear more and would still like to add more to her biography and, of course, add pictures and videos. So jump in and add to the conversation!

Here is what we have so far from her fans:

From Colin Clinch last January:


Just recently my wife being from Penzance found some six hardback books of Janie Bolitho in mint condition and each one was signed (to Con with love from Jane and then underneath Janie Bolitho and dated ).

We were wondering if you knew who Con was,maybe a relative or friend that she sent a signed copy too on publication of each book.

Any help would be appreciated.

Colin Clinch

He is offering these books for sale. If you or someone you know might want to buy one or all of these books please contact him directly: C CLINCH


We recently heard from Steve who was a neighbor and friend of our favorite author:

“Hi Jolene,

I knew Janie before and after the publication of her first book. I used to run a football team (soccer) with her husband. To promote her first book she became the first author to ever sponsor a football team. The guys at the time didn’t appreciate running on to the field with Kindness Can Kill written across their chests. Lol.

Janie was fantastic. She also washed our football kits for us.

One of my prized possessions is an original manuscript from Janie. This was unpublished and written prior to her first book.

If you require anymore info please feel free to ask.


We so appreciate any information we could add to this Fan site for Janie Bolitho. She was a great author and she deserves to be remembered.