Calling All Fans

Calling all my fellow fans of Janie Bolitho! I have just finished creating pages for each of the books that this author has written. I have not been able to get all of her books to read myself so I have had to rely on various sources all over the internet to get pictures of the books and a synopsis of each story. Granted some of them are pretty bare. I hope there are fellow fans out there that would be willing to fill in the holes. Look through the descriptions of each of the books and if you can do a better job then please, please send me a 1 or 2 paragraph synopsis of the stories and I would be very happy to replace them on that page. Just copy and paste your review into the CONTACT page form and I will be happy to give you credit!

I am still looking for some more biographical information on the writer and pictures would be greatly appreciated as well. Just go the the Contact Us Page and drop us a line!