No Luck With Bio Info

Sorry this posting is coming in a little late but I still haven’t had much luck in getting any biographical information on Janie Bolitho yet. I have emailed her last publisher however they were unable to provide me with any information as it has been a while since this incredible author has passed-away.

If you knew Ms. Bolitho or have any of clippings with more information than we have here and you would like to share it we would greatly appreciate hearing from you. I didn’t begin reading her books until this past year. I have enjoyed the Rose Trevelyan series very much and hope to get the entire Ian Roper series very soon. As a fan and fellow avid reader we would all like to know a little bit about the author and pictures are always appreciated. Since I live in the U.S. I don’t have access to a lot of information that maybe available in her home country. So, All you Britishers out there please post a comment or go to the Contact Us Page