Fan Fiction Requests

We are calling for all the Janie Bolitho Fans to create and send us there Fan Fiction. These stories can be about any of the characters that Janie Bolitho has created and you can even combine characters as well. We just ask that you be true to the characters traits and mannerisms, keep the story rated “PG”, and you can modernize the worlds if you like. These stories are just for the fun and enjoyment of the fans of her work and in no way should be considered as copyright infringement. We enjoy the stories and would like for them to continue. You can even write stories of these characters visiting other worlds and/or times of your other favorite book characters or even mix them in with your favorite movie. You can even introduce yourself as a character in the story. How fun would that be?

You can send us a Word Doc, PDF, or Text file with your Fan Fiction, Fan Art or Mini Movies to our email: jolene dot macfadden at janiebolitho dot info.

We look forward to hearing from you. All your aspiring writers out there get busy and all you fans out there share what you know!