Still Searching for Info

woundforwoundWe have started a new round of emails and requests for more information on the life and times of our favorite author, Janie Bolitho. We are hoping to create a more comprehensive biography with pictures and video of this wonderful author. The local librarian in Cornwall was very kind to email one of the synopsis of one of the Ian Roper series books but are unable to type up anymore. Since none of those books are available to us here in our local library I was a little disappointed but do really understand. They did offer to copy her obituary from microfiche in the Falmouth Packet which I appreciate but cannot do right at the moment. These are not available online and the local paper hasn’t responded to my request for more information.

The blog writer of EuroCrime was very kind to post on her website for more information from her readers: Thank you so much Karen. She has a great website, by the way, and her blog is very fun to read. You should check it out.

We hope some her fans will get in touch with us using our CONTACT US page with more information, fan fiction, book synopsis and stories of your encounters with the author. There is a file upload feature on this page what will allow you to send us Text documents, Word Documents, PDF files as well as picture files. We look forward to hearing from your.