Sell Your Janie Bolitho Books

Sweets for My SweetWe have had this fan site up and running for years now and Ms. Bolitho has been gone for over 10 years but we still read her books and wish for more. More and more of her books are disappearing from bookstores, online and in our libraries. That is a real shame, especially since I haven’t had a chance to read any of her stand-alone novels, the Ian Roper series or even the book she released under the alias Jodie Sinclair. Sadly, only three of her Rose Trevelyan books are being offered in eBook format through Amazon. With my mom and I traveling around the state of Florida in our old RV this past year we had to leave all of our paperback and hardback books in storage. There is not a lot of room in an RV for books. We are asking that all of our fellow fans take a few minutes and fill in the blanks around the website. We are asking for more interesting synopsis on all the books, fan fiction using either Ian Roper or Rose Trevelyan as main characters or even a combination of both, we need different pictures of the author and stories about her life and interactions with other people. If you have a Janie Bolitho story we would love to post it on the blog. As you can see from the Home Page we have posted what we have found so far and could use the help.

We have made some changes to the website such as tweaking the theme, added more security, deleted a lot of old subscribers and spammer accounts. If you do not sign-in as a subscriber at least once every 30 days or so your account has been and will be deleted. Those who are “Subscribing to the Blog” via email will continue to receive emails every time we post a News Update. We apologize for that but you can always register as a subscriber using the log-in box again and that will allow you to make comments on any of the posts and most of the pages.

If you have Janie Bolitho books that you want to sell to her fans we can list the information here in the News and Updates in a post. You just need to go to the CONTACT US page and type in your name, contact info, the books you have for sale, what condition they are in and how much you need for the book and shipping. We will not arbitrate any disputes between buyers and sellers we are only offering to let her fans know that the books are available. Of course, you can always become a seller on Amazon and list them for sale through their secure servers. They handle all the financial transactions all you have to do is mail them out when you receive payment. Sell On Amazon

Cheers and we look forward to hearing from you!