Calling All Fans

Calling all my fellow fans of Janie Bolitho! I have just finished creating pages for each of the books that this author has written. I have not been able to get all of her books to read myself so I have had to rely on various sources all over the internet to get pictures of the books and a synopsis of each story. Granted some of them are pretty bare. I hope there are fellow fans out there that would be willing to fill in the holes. Look through the descriptions of each of the books and if you can do a better job then please, please send me a 1 or 2 paragraph synopsis of the stories and I would be very happy to replace them on that page. Just copy and paste your review into the CONTACT page form and I will be happy to give you credit!

I am still looking for some more biographical information on the writer and pictures would be greatly appreciated as well. Just go the the Contact Us Page and drop us a line!

Vote to Get Janie Bolitho on Kindle

We hope that you and yours have had a safe and happy holiday season. We also wanted to apologize for not writing anything in the News and Updates section for our fellow fans. One of my New Years Resolutions is to be more prolific in my writing this year. To that end we are starting off the new year with 2 campaigns. The first is to get Amazon to release ALL of Janie Bolitho’s books in Kindle format! I have been voting on their website to get the publishers attention. You can help with that by clicking on the image below, signing into Amazon, finding each of the books detail pages and clicking on the link next to the Kindle picture that says: “I would like to read this book on Kindle”. If we get enough fans then maybe they will finally release all of the books for her fans to be able to download and read. You don’t have to own a Kindle to read books in this format. Amazon has a Kindle app that you can download onto your computer and get and read books from there. You can even get some FREE books each month as well.

Quotes From the Books

If you are a fan of Janie Bolitho’s books then we are looking for your favorite quotes from her books. Whether you are a fan of the Ian Roper or the Rose Trevelyan series of both there are probably a lot of sayings from the books that you find memorable. I will be re-reading the series again and marking down some of the memorable quotes from each one. Once we have gotten about 20 or 30 of them together I will be inputting them into a database file and they will begin flashing on the sidebar.

Everyone has a favorite quote and we are hoping that Janie’s fans will contribute their own either through the comments below or go to the Contact Us page. Remember to tell us which book the quote came from and which character said it. The Quote doesn’t have to be from the main character just so long as it is memorable to you. We look forward to hearing from you and KEEP READING!

No Luck With Bio Info

Sorry this posting is coming in a little late but I still haven’t had much luck in getting any biographical information on Janie Bolitho yet. I have emailed her last publisher however they were unable to provide me with any information as it has been a while since this incredible author has passed-away.

If you knew Ms. Bolitho or have any of clippings with more information than we have here and you would like to share it we would greatly appreciate hearing from you. I didn’t begin reading her books until this past year. I have enjoyed the Rose Trevelyan series very much and hope to get the entire Ian Roper series very soon. As a fan and fellow avid reader we would all like to know a little bit about the author and pictures are always appreciated. Since I live in the U.S. I don’t have access to a lot of information that maybe available in her home country. So, All you Britishers out there please post a comment or go to the Contact Us Page

What’s New at Janie Bolitho Fansite

Good day to ya! I am just now getting around to updating the website again. Sadly, I still haven’t gotten any new information on this fabulous author from her former publishers. I am still looking for biographical information and pictures and/or videos to include on her fansite. Even though she has passed away her books live on and are still enjoyed by hundreds of people each day. If you knew Ms. Bolitho or have a press release package or any other kind of information about her we would greatly appreciate it if you could go to the Contact Us page and drop us a line.

We are working hard to create a page for each of her books that will have a comment section at the bottom. We hope to have those done within the next 30 days or so. Check back often to see the updates or better still become a subscriber and you will receive the update notices as they happen.

Cheers and keep reading!

If you haven’t had a chance to look over our bookstore page just click on the widget below and get your very own copies of her books!

Bookstore Stuff

We have been making some changes to the website and among those is the creation of a bookstore page so fans of Janie Bolitho could purchase her books online through the secure servers at Just click here and look over the book listings by character. One category for Rose Trevelyan, another for Ian Roper and a third for the non-series books. Most of the books are out-of-print and are hard to find and may be more expensive than when they were new. If you know of another resource of these books that is less expensive please share that with your fellow fans.

Cheers and Keep Reading!

Need Biography Info

I have been trying to get information on this author through search engines and biography databases available in our local library.  However, there is nothing much available about her.  I found a link here with a little bit of info:

“From there I learned that she was born in Falmouth, Cornwall, Janie Bolitho enjoyed a variety of careers – psychiatric nurse, debt collector, working for a tour operator, a book-maker’s clerk – before becoming a full time writer. She died of breast cancer in 2002.”

If you have any more info or have a resource that I can tap for this website then send me the information using the Contact Us form.