News in Cornwall

CornwallEngland7News in Cornwall England has been added to the website in a widget on the sides. We don’t have any other news about the author and we haven’t received any fan fiction from any of our fellow fans in either the Ian Roper or even the Rose Trevelyan series. Either one or both would be greatly appreciated. Since we cannot expect any new stories by our favorite author it is up to us fans to keep her stories alive and share them on this website. And even one of the other stories she has written would be okay too.

Sadly, we cannot find any of her books in our local libraries and the few books we have been able to collect we had to put in storage when we hit the road. There are no eBooks available of the books either except for one place where they scan in the whole book and make it available as a PDF eBook and even read it online. That is the Open Library Organization. “At its heart, Open Library is a catalog. The project began in November 2007 and has been inhaling catalog records from some of the biggest libraries in the world ever since. We have well over 20 million edition records online, provide access to 1.7 million scanned versions of books, and link to external sources like WorldCat and Amazon when we can. The secondary goal is to get you as close to the actual document you’re looking for as we can, whether that is a scanned version courtesy of the Internet Archive, or a link to Powell’s where you can purchase your own copy.” Only two of Ms. Bolitho’s books are available on Open Library that you can read in eBook format and you can read them online, download in Acrobat Reader PDF or even ePub. The PDF file will probably be a larger file as they take the books and scan them in page-by-page into one file.

Till next time. Maybe we will find some of her books in a used book store and be able to add more content to the book pages themselves. But we really would like to have fan fiction stories from writers, non-published writers or just series fans.

Sell Your Janie Bolitho Books

Sweets for My SweetWe have had this fan site up and running for years now and Ms. Bolitho has been gone for over 10 years but we still read her books and wish for more. More and more of her books are disappearing from bookstores, online and in our libraries. That is a real shame, especially since I haven’t had a chance to read any of her stand-alone novels, the Ian Roper series or even the book she released under the alias Jodie Sinclair. Sadly, only three of her Rose Trevelyan books are being offered in eBook format through Amazon. With my mom and I traveling around the state of Florida in our old RV this past year we had to leave all of our paperback and hardback books in storage. There is not a lot of room in an RV for books. We are asking that all of our fellow fans take a few minutes and fill in the blanks around the website. We are asking for more interesting synopsis on all the books, fan fiction using either Ian Roper or Rose Trevelyan as main characters or even a combination of both, we need different pictures of the author and stories about her life and interactions with other people. If you have a Janie Bolitho story we would love to post it on the blog. As you can see from the Home Page we have posted what we have found so far and could use the help.
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Still Searching for Info

woundforwoundWe have started a new round of emails and requests for more information on the life and times of our favorite author, Janie Bolitho. We are hoping to create a more comprehensive biography with pictures and video of this wonderful author. The local librarian in Cornwall was very kind to email one of the synopsis of one of the Ian Roper series books but are unable to type up anymore. Since none of those books are available to us here in our local library I was a little disappointed but do really understand. They did offer to copy her obituary from microfiche in the Falmouth Packet which I appreciate but cannot do right at the moment. These are not available online and the local paper hasn’t responded to my request for more information.
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Correspondence of Interest

Over the last couple of months we have received some great correspondence from a few people about Janie Bolitho and her great works of fiction. One of them was a collaborator for her first book, Kindness Can Kill. We will let you read the email for yourself:


Hi I do not know if it is of any interest to you. I helped Janie with the with research into the Coroners process on Kindness Can Kill. I was a Police Coroners Officer at Slough Police Station during the mid to late eighties. Janie kindly credited me in that book, I still have the signed copy she sent me. I had no idea she had passed away, far to young. She certainly created a body of work in a very short period for people to remember her by.
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Rose Trevelyan versus Ian Roper

RoseVersusIanWe are still looking for fellow fans to send in some fan fiction stories. It would be a hoot to mix and match up different characters from fiction that you like and put them together in a short or long story. What would Rose and Ian be like together trying to solve a mystery while Ian was on vacation in Cornwall. How about Mrs Marple? Would Rose and Mrs. Marple get along or do you think there would be friction? There are so many combinations of stories that could be written and would be really appreciated by the fans. I am a pretty lazy writer and haven’t really written any fiction or I would do it myself. I know there are at least 1000 fans out there and if just a couple would start the ball rolling, who knows, we could be getting some great stories posted.

My personal favorite would be mixing a story with one or two of my other favorite authors such as Dorothy Gilman’s Mrs. Pollifax character; Sandra West Prowell’s Phoebe Siegel Character’ or possibly even Barbara Comfort’s Tish McWhinney. Sadly, Dorothy and Barbara have already passed away and Sandra only published three books and nothing else has been sent out in years. It would be really nice to have some more stories with these great characters. And fan fiction is not copyright infringement it is being done all over the web. Besides, fan fiction can only help the booksellers out there because they generate renewed interest in older books.

News From Fellow Fans

We are starting to hear from some of the other fans of Janie Bolitho. We hope to hear more and would still like to add more to her biography and, of course, add pictures and videos. So jump in and add to the conversation!

Here is what we have so far from her fans:

From Colin Clinch last January:


Just recently my wife being from Penzance found some six hardback books of Janie Bolitho in mint condition and each one was signed (to Con with love from Jane and then underneath Janie Bolitho and dated ).

We were wondering if you knew who Con was,maybe a relative or friend that she sent a signed copy too on publication of each book.

Any help would be appreciated.

Colin Clinch

He is offering these books for sale. If you or someone you know might want to buy one or all of these books please contact him directly: C CLINCH


We recently heard from Steve who was a neighbor and friend of our favorite author:

“Hi Jolene,

I knew Janie before and after the publication of her first book. I used to run a football team (soccer) with her husband. To promote her first book she became the first author to ever sponsor a football team. The guys at the time didn’t appreciate running on to the field with Kindness Can Kill written across their chests. Lol.

Janie was fantastic. She also washed our football kits for us.

One of my prized possessions is an original manuscript from Janie. This was unpublished and written prior to her first book.

If you require anymore info please feel free to ask.


We so appreciate any information we could add to this Fan site for Janie Bolitho. She was a great author and she deserves to be remembered.

Fan Fiction Requests

We are calling for all the Janie Bolitho Fans to create and send us there Fan Fiction. These stories can be about any of the characters that Janie Bolitho has created and you can even combine characters as well. We just ask that you be true to the characters traits and mannerisms, keep the story rated “PG”, and you can modernize the worlds if you like. These stories are just for the fun and enjoyment of the fans of her work and in no way should be considered as copyright infringement. We enjoy the stories and would like for them to continue. You can even write stories of these characters visiting other worlds and/or times of your other favorite book characters or even mix them in with your favorite movie. You can even introduce yourself as a character in the story. How fun would that be?

You can send us a Word Doc, PDF, or Text file with your Fan Fiction, Fan Art or Mini Movies to our email: jolene dot macfadden at janiebolitho dot info.

We look forward to hearing from you. All your aspiring writers out there get busy and all you fans out there share what you know!