Correspondence of Interest

Over the last couple of months we have received some great correspondence from a few people about Janie Bolitho and her great works of fiction. One of them was a collaborator for her first book, Kindness Can Kill. We will let you read the email for yourself:


Hi I do not know if it is of any interest to you. I helped Janie with the with research into the Coroners process on Kindness Can Kill. I was a Police Coroners Officer at Slough Police Station during the mid to late eighties. Janie kindly credited me in that book, I still have the signed copy she sent me. I had no idea she had passed away, far to young. She certainly created a body of work in a very short period for people to remember her by.
Please feel free to email me if I can be of any help.
Paul Clark

Thank you so much Mr. Clark for getting in touch. We look forward to any information you would like to share about your experiences while help Ms. Bolitho with her work and even any suggestions you might have for other writers. The local Coroner’s Office should be the first place a mystery writer to go and get technical assistance.

The second correspondence we received was about a synopsis for the book Motive for Murder of the DCI Ian Roper Series:

Dear Ms MacFadden,

Thank you for your enquiry, which has been forwarded to us by Cornwall Library Service.

I could not find a simple synopsis of the plot online either, but can give you the jacket ‘blurb’:

MotiveforMurder‘A sharp and startling green, like emeralds viewed through sea water, only the vagrant’s eyes are visible.

A brick lies near his head, several strands of long grey hair adhering to it. But the stab wounds to his abdomen are really the cause of death. DCI Ian Roper is mystified. The six pounds in the tramp’s pocket seem to rule out one motive; another down-and-out would surely have taken both the cash and the bottle of Bells which lies next to the body. But why bash his skull in when he was already dead? Heat of the moment? Drugs? Self-defense? Blackmail?

As the Rickman Green police HQ starts to hum with the nervous activity which heralds a major murder investigation, across town a young girl – a heroin addict – discharges herself secretly from the local hospital; a block of flats behind the Station Arms is burgled; an attempted suicide is foiled; and the devious machinations of a small-time pimp are exposed. All are linked to a complex and baffling homicide which threatens the social fabric of a small town and ends with a startling – and literary – revelation.’

Kind regards,

Claire Morgan
Library Assistant – Cornish Studies
Cultural Services
Cornwall Council
Tel +44 (0)1209 216760
Fax +44 (0)1209 210283

We cannot thank you enough Ms. Morgan for you assistance. We have already added this information onto the Motive for Murder information page.

If there are any fans out there who would like to add their synopsis or book jacket blurbs to the corresponding book pages we would love to hear from you. Just go to the Contact Us page and either copy and paste your write-up into the text box or upload a text, Microsoft Word or Acrobat Reader document from your computer and send it to us.