Fan Questions For the Group

Fan questions for the group we received this past month. We thought it would be better to post in the blog so that all the fans of Janie Bolitho could help answer the questions. Below are three emails from two different fans that could use some help answering:

Subject: Ian Roper Series
January 27, 2017 at 9:35 pm
Hi. I am looking to buy the novels from the Ian Roper series either new or second hand. I have picked up 4 of them for a reasonable price second hand on ebay. I was just wondering if you or your members have any of them for sale. I was also wondering if this series should be read in the order they were written, or are they each just separate stories solved by detective Ian Roper? Thank you.

Subject: Ian Roper series availability
January 25, 2017 at 6:20 am
Hi. My mother has just finished reading the Rose Trevelyan series which she thoroughly enjoyed. She is now wanting to read the Ian Roper series. I am finding it extremely difficult to find the Ian Roper series new, even though the Rose Trevelyan series can be found just about anywhere. Is there a reason for this as far as you know? Apart from Amazon, do you know of anywhere I might find the Ian Roper series new? I am in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks.

Thank you Julie for your two emails. We have posted your questions here so that all of our fellow fans may be able to answer you more accurately than I. Good luck on your search. I know that the Ian Roper series is no longer available anywhere in our local libraries anymore and are very hard to obtain on Amazon. Too bad her family couldn’t petition her former publishers to re-publish all of her stories in eBook format that all of us around the world could get copies.

Wendy Holland
Subject: Rena George
January 23, 2017 at 3:23 pm
Dear Janie Bolitho Fansite, Janie Bolitho is my favourite author and I own all seven of her Rose Trevelyan books. I’ve just started reading the Loveday Ross Cornish Mysteries by Rena George and discover they are a pastiche of the Janie Bolitho series. Do you know if Rena George has openly expressed where her inspiration came from or if it is mere coincidence? Thank you very much. Best wishes, Wendy

Thanks so much Wendy for your email. I haven’t read any of Rena George’s stories but you might want to contact her directly with your question. Her website has a Contact information page:

If you can help answer the questions above use our CONTACT US form and we will post the answers in our next blog post. If you are a subscriber to this blog you should be able to post your answers in the comments section below. Yes, we would also love to receive some fan fiction stories about any of the characters in the Janie Bolitho story lines. So get writing people and start sharing!

Till next time.

Buy Rose Trevelyan Series in Ebook Format

Rose Trevelyan Series 1-7
Rose Trevelyan Series 1-7
We can now buy the whole Rose Trevelyan Series in eBook format available on Amazon Kindle. Can’t wait for my local library to get their copies. Sadly, the Ian Roper series is not available yet nor any of her stand alone novels. We will just have to keep petitioning Amazon to have the other books moved over to eBook so more people can enjoy them.

I really love a good old fashioned paperback or hardback book to read but now that we are living full-time in our RV and traveling we just do not have the room for books. Thus, I try to find my favorite books on Amazon or available on OVERDRIVE through my local library.
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Sell Your Janie Bolitho Books

Sweets for My SweetWe have had this fan site up and running for years now and Ms. Bolitho has been gone for over 10 years but we still read her books and wish for more. More and more of her books are disappearing from bookstores, online and in our libraries. That is a real shame, especially since I haven’t had a chance to read any of her stand-alone novels, the Ian Roper series or even the book she released under the alias Jodie Sinclair. Sadly, only three of her Rose Trevelyan books are being offered in eBook format through Amazon. With my mom and I traveling around the state of Florida in our old RV this past year we had to leave all of our paperback and hardback books in storage. There is not a lot of room in an RV for books. We are asking that all of our fellow fans take a few minutes and fill in the blanks around the website. We are asking for more interesting synopsis on all the books, fan fiction using either Ian Roper or Rose Trevelyan as main characters or even a combination of both, we need different pictures of the author and stories about her life and interactions with other people. If you have a Janie Bolitho story we would love to post it on the blog. As you can see from the Home Page we have posted what we have found so far and could use the help.
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News From Fellow Fans

We are starting to hear from some of the other fans of Janie Bolitho. We hope to hear more and would still like to add more to her biography and, of course, add pictures and videos. So jump in and add to the conversation!

Here is what we have so far from her fans:

From Colin Clinch last January:


Just recently my wife being from Penzance found some six hardback books of Janie Bolitho in mint condition and each one was signed (to Con with love from Jane and then underneath Janie Bolitho and dated ).

We were wondering if you knew who Con was,maybe a relative or friend that she sent a signed copy too on publication of each book.

Any help would be appreciated.

Colin Clinch

He is offering these books for sale. If you or someone you know might want to buy one or all of these books please contact him directly: C CLINCH


We recently heard from Steve who was a neighbor and friend of our favorite author:

“Hi Jolene,

I knew Janie before and after the publication of her first book. I used to run a football team (soccer) with her husband. To promote her first book she became the first author to ever sponsor a football team. The guys at the time didn’t appreciate running on to the field with Kindness Can Kill written across their chests. Lol.

Janie was fantastic. She also washed our football kits for us.

One of my prized possessions is an original manuscript from Janie. This was unpublished and written prior to her first book.

If you require anymore info please feel free to ask.


We so appreciate any information we could add to this Fan site for Janie Bolitho. She was a great author and she deserves to be remembered.

Bookstore Stuff

We have been making some changes to the website and among those is the creation of a bookstore page so fans of Janie Bolitho could purchase her books online through the secure servers at Just click here and look over the book listings by character. One category for Rose Trevelyan, another for Ian Roper and a third for the non-series books. Most of the books are out-of-print and are hard to find and may be more expensive than when they were new. If you know of another resource of these books that is less expensive please share that with your fellow fans.

Cheers and Keep Reading!